Implants in the Aesthetic Zone !

 From immediacy to GBR and two stage augmentations, learn the techniques that can take your practice to the next level!
 Learn what, how and when to manipulate bone and soft tissue for sustainable aesthetic outcomes! 
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Identify the individual  challenges!

Learn where to look and what to see to conduct  proper diagnosis and master the full case analysis

Select the appropriate protocol !

Navigate a wide array of surgical protocols from immediacy to 2-stage augmentations and match with the optimal restorative solution!

A must-do 
for your growth
in implantology!

Master the combined  techniques!

Learn step by step the clinical secrets of Immediate implants, ridge preservation and  bone augmentation

Secure successful outcomes!

Prepare the full treatment combining surgical and restorative planning and design for sustainable success!

Anterior Maxilla: a multifold challenge

Anterior maxilla is one of the most challenging sites for implant placement, as the local anatomy is most frequently compromised. At the same time, the high expectations for natural esthetics introduce significant challenges for the operator, who is required to carefully select the the appropriate treatment pathway among many choices and design the optimal intervention.

Decision making is not simple, as the evidence is often generic and at times even confusing, as it cannot account for the individual variability of the patients' anatomy. Decision making and mastery of the clinical protocols is the key to success in this challenging field!

What is in this course for you?

This course is equally balanced between the two elements of success: mastery of Decision Making and mastery of the techniques!will help you understand the techniques. Through an intuitive teaching and easy to follow decision making trees and pathways, it will help you to design the right pathway for each case. Then, through clinical cases and step-by-step instructional videos it will help you identify the clinical secrets of each procedure and improve your techniques and clinical competence!

1: Navigating!

Learn how to assess your baseline, read the individual signs from the patient and the anatomy and visualise your destination and final outcome! Start and finish with the "Big Picture"!

 2: Immediacy

Learn the different protocols for immediate implants and provisionals, each with their strengths, weaknesses and clinical secrets!

3. Ridge Preservation

learn the potential and limitations of ridge preservation techniques and how to fit it within your overall treatment plan!

4. Implants with GBR

Learn the "working horse" of the aesthetic zone and understand how bone augmentation, prosthesis design and soft tissue determine success or failure with this widely applicable protocol!

5. Sum up the big picture!

What's included?

  • 4 Modules + Sum up
  • 14 Blitz-Webinars
  • Step-by-Step "how to" clinical cases 
  • Case Challenges 
  • Discussion board, readings, toolbox and resources

Become a Strategist 

You will learn how to  use the latest evidence and the individual patient characteristics to plot the best treatment pathway each time .  Select the safest, fastest and least invasive pathway to reach the optimal clinical results!

Master the techniques

 You will learn clinical secrets of each technique through actual patient cases and step-by-step instructional videos. 

  Join a community

Join a fully interactive community of learners and experts, with unlimited access to discussions and content !
Meet the instructor

Nikos Mattheos

Nikos Mattheos is a highly acclaimed clinician, researcher and academic teacher of implant dentistry. He has designed and directed Implant Dentistry postgraduate programmes in universities in 3 continents and has published more than 120 scientific articles in high impact journals of implant dentistry.  He  currently holds academic appointments  in 3 universities, maintains private practice limited to Implant Dentistry in Hong Kong and remains as passionate about teaching and learning as always!
"Mastering Implants in the Aesthetic Zone" started 8 years ago as a face-to-face intensive course and has been sold out every year in many capitals of the world. It is now available online for the first time. 
Patrick Jones - Course author